Attention:  All International Students – Procedure for Requesting Re-Entry Letters

As the university nears the end of our 2019/2020 1st Semester Year, we are aware that some of you are travelling home for the vacation period.  As such, upon return to Trinidad and Tobago you would be required to present a letter of re-entry to the immigration officers at the airport.  All requests for re-entry letters must be submitted by Friday 20th December, 2019 to the International Office at

All students are encouraged to submit your requests for re-entry letters at the earliest and to include your date of return to Trinidad.

We wish you a safe and enjoyable vacation and look forward to supporting you in the new academic year.


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Student Competition


Guidelines when using the UTT Logo:

  •  The logo should not be used with patterned backgrounds
  •  It should not be tilted
  •  The logo should be resized proportionately to avoid being stretched
  •  The words, "The University of Trinidad and Tobago" are part of the logo
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Student Notice
The document provides some insight into the key features of the UTT Student Portal. Please review before proceeding.
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Examinations Notices



Semester 2 – 2018/2019

Please be advised that according to the 2018/2019 Academic Calendar, the deadline for Academic Appeal for Semester 2 2018/2019 is June 11, 2019. Students are reminded that as per the Assessment Regulations for Taught Programmes 2018/2019, Clause 9.10 "No appeal shall lie against the academic judgements of lecturing staff or of Assessment Committees."

Clause 9.15 states: "A student can request an arithmetical mark check if it is believed that there has been an administrative error when the marks were being recorded. Students are advised that, in the event of any form of administrative error being discovered, it must be corrected, whether it results in the mark/grade in question being adjusted upwards or downwards."

All formal appeals should be submitted on the Student Academic Appeal Form which can be collected at, and must be submitted to the REGISTRY UNIT at each campus.

Please note that you are required to pay a fee of $50.00 for each "Arithmetical Mark Check" appeal before the form can be processed. This fee will be refunded to you should the appeal be revised in your favour.

For further information regarding Academic Appeals, students are advised to review Section 9.0 Academic Appeals of the Assessment Regulations for Taught Programmes 2018/2019.

Please be guided accordingly

Assistant Registrar, Examinations Unit

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Student Accounting

Dear Student,

In an effort to minimize inconvenience to you, our valued students, during the Registration period which commence Monday 19th August 2019, the students Accounting Units is requesting that all existing/returning students kindly read and follow the instructions contained in the attached memo.


Office of the Registrar

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OAS – Government of Chile Scholarship and Training Project for CARICOM Countries

Scholarship Offer in Partnership with The University of Trinidad and Tobago

Available to Citizens of Trinidad and Tobago Only


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General Notices

 Administrative Fee for Student Requested Letters

The University of Trinidad and Tobago wishes to announce the introduction of a fee associated with the processing of all student request letters with immediate effect.

Office of the Registrar


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Payment of University Fees 

 The attached document contains key information you need on getting your fees paid.

Please take a minute to have a read.

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The University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) has noted that there have been unsubstantiated statements in the mass media and elsewhere about the President of the University concerning:

 His academic qualifications, more specifically his PhD;

  1. A claim of plagiarism against him;
  2. Claims against him of facilitating and/or engaging in “false” authorship of academic papers;
  3. A claim that he was not a Professor at a university prior to joining UTT.


The University wishes to state that:

 An investigation was conducted resulting in the said academic qualification (PhD) being deemed authentic;

  1. An investigation revealed that there is no evidence to support the specific claim of plagiarism;
  2. There was no evidence to support the specific claims of “false” authorship of academic papers;
  3. An investigation revealed that there is evidence that he was a Professor prior to joining UTT.
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We’re looking for participants for the Vybzing Regional Youth Outreach Programme, which takes place as part of the agenda for the Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB). This year Vybzing is being held from June 1-3, 2019 in Trinidad and Tobago under the theme: Youth-Led Innovation; Regional Transformation. (See hand-out for details)

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Scholarships Opportunities

Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships

Applications for Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships 2019 are now open.  Scholarships are available in the following fields:

Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships give talented students from anywhere in the Commonwealth the opportunity to gain a Master's degree, while developing new skills, experiencing life in another country, and building their global networks......

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Quality Assurance Unit

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